Category: Leadership and Management

Relationships for life

What are relationships, and how do they influence our lives? Recent studies and conventional wisdom continue to confirm that relationships are essential to our success, not only regarding survival as a species but also for our social, societal, and spiritual development. How do we become better at relationships, and what are some of the tools […]

Better change

New ventures and even existing businesses are not immune to the powers of change. Change often happens unexpectedly, and the interaction between changes can lead to drastic and dramatic shifts in a business. So, how do we become better at managing change? Is it possible to become a master of change? How can entrepreneurs better […]

Embrace the energy of judgement!

We often think of judgement as something that determines the guilt or innocence of others; however, it is essential to distinguish between justice and judgement. The energy of judgement is a powerful but uncomfortable energy that cleaves apart and serves as the razor that splits the mud into the water and the sand to leave […]